musician / singer / songwriter

Hey there! I’m Madi Colman, a 17-year-old musician with a passion for piano, flute, and vocals. Whether I’m creating my own beats or performing solo and band sets, I’m all about sharing the joy of music. I’ve had some memorable moments, like performing at Amazing Grace in Central London alongside the incredibly talented violinist Jenny Bae.
My musical preferences lean towards R&B, pop, funk, and jazz, but I’m always open to exploring new styles. Currently, I’m refining my craft at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts while balancing my A-level studies and diving into the Commercial Music scene to learn the ins and outs of band life.
Weekends for me are all about musical exploration and jamming with my fellow musicians. 2022 has been a significant year—I earned a top spot in a songwriting competition for a Hospice group and played keys at the Collective Pride Awards at The Barber Surgeons’ Hall for the second year running.
I’m excited about what the future holds and would love for you to join me on this musical journey. Here’s to more tunes, more beats, and more unforgettable moments!
Madi Colman